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FADA Certified Technician Test

The Florida Automobile Dealers Association Certified Technician industry certification program was developed as a result of the need within the automotive industry for a trusted, reliable credential that could be used when hiring employees. This industry-driven assessment reflects the skills and competencies necessary for success in the automotive career field in today’s dealerships.

The primary purpose of the Certified Technician is to distinguish, through successful completion of certification assessment, those individuals who demonstrate mastery of automotive service technology core competencies, skills, and knowledge as an entry-level technician.

The goal of the FADA Certified Technician certification is to:

  1. Enhance career opportunities through the achievement of an industry-recognized certification administered by an independent third-party provider
  2. Elevate the level of performance of entry-level automotive service technicians to assist individuals in finding higher-wage jobs
  3. Ensure employers have a certified workforce to help increase a company’s productivity and competitiveness.

Whether you are an employer who’s looking for competent and educated employees, or an individual looking to validate your knowledge and experience, the FADA Certified Technician industry certification can make you more employable in today’s competitive job market.

This test is open to the public. If you would like to learn more about the test specifications, exam competencies, and sample questions take a look at the FADA Certified Technician exam overview.

Need Assistance?

If you have any questions or need assistance regarding this certification, please contact Randy Houck or by phone (407) 340-0955.


If an individual would like to take the exam, but is not affiliated with a school and does not have access to a test site administrator, that individual should email or call Tim Withee, (404) 994-6535. We will help identify a test site where he/she may take the test in their immediate area.

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