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Automotive Youth Educational Systems

AYES is a school-to-career initiative that combines the resources of automotive manufacturers, dealership/retail facilities and certified schools to develop qualified, entry-level technicians.

To compete successfully in the 21st century global economy, Florida needs highly skilled workers with advanced training in technology-related fields. This demand for skilled labor is no more acute than in the automotive service industry, where technology advances have outstripped the available pool of talented employees. Challenging and well-paying jobs are going unfilled because prospective employees lack the training and education. Automotive dealerships suffer because they can’t provide quality service. Car manufacturers suffer because the lack of service hurts car sales. Virtually everyone is affected by the repercussions on the nation’s economy.

Who sponsors AYES?

  • AYES is currently nationally sponsored by the U. S. Department of Labor, The U. S. Department of Education, NADA, DaimlerChrysler, General Motors, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Ford Motor Company, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Subaru, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Kia, Universal Underwriters and Snap-on Tools to name just a few.
  • In Florida AYES receives funding and support from the Florida Department of Education ($35,000 from Perkins funds), FADA, and CFADA. FADA has a full-time AYES Director whose entire mission is the development of new schools, mentoring and providing curriculum resources to existing schools and training all AYES and other state instructors. This past June (2015) 138 instructors attended our annual training symposium for the automotive programs.

How does it work?

  • The AYES automotive model stresses applied academics and contextual learning in the classroom to ensure that academic studies are enhanced…not diminished. In addition it supports “Tech-Prep” as a viable alternative to ”College-Prep” creating a pipeline of future technicians.
  • AYES provides for a mentored work site experience to compliment the skills taught in the classroom. Students participate in a full-time paid internship during the summer months between their junior and senior years, and continue with a paid, part-time internship their senior year.

AYES Partners

  • Dealers: From job shadowing, to the mentored internships, to career placement, dealers act as an extension of the manufacturer and make AYES internships possible. But students aren’t the only ones benefiting from the experience. Sponsoring AYES students often results in higher retention rates in the dealership service department. A survey of 2004 AYES interns found that 76 percent are still with the same dealership.
  • State and Metro Automotive Dealer Associations: State and metro associations and Automotive Trade Association Executives (ATAEs) administer local AYES programs and place students at participating dealerships. Many associations also provide scholarships for post-secondary education.
  • Automobile Manufacturers: Eight automobile manufacturers support AYES and are helping enhance the public perception of automotive service careers through marketing campaigns, such as BMW’s ‘Teens and Wheels’ initiative.
  • Fixed Operations Directors and Service Managers: Service staff members interact with AYES students on a daily basis, and, therefore, act as powerful role models. They are responsible for overseeing the AYES student during an internship and providing help and instruction.

FADA Affiliated Schools in Florida

Atlantic Technical Center – Coconut Creek

Bowers/Whitley Career Center – Tampa

Charlotte Technical Center – Port Charlotte

Choice High School – Fort Walton Beach

Frank H. Peterson Academies – Jacksonville

Ft. Pierce Central H. S. – Fort Pierce

Ft. Myers Technical Institute – Ft. Myers

Kathleen H. S. – Lakeland

Lorenzo Walker Institute of Technology – Naples

Marchman Technical College – New Port Richey

Miami Lakes Educational Center – Miami Lakes

Miami Northwestern H. S. – Miami

Mid Florida Tech – Orlando

Pinellas Technical College – Clearwater

Port St. Lucie H. S. – Port St. Lucie

Professional & Technical H. S. – Kissimmee

Robert Morgan Educational Center – Miami

Sarasota County Technical Institute – Sarasota

Sebastian River H. S. – Sebastian

Sheridan Technical College – Hollywood

SouthTech Academy – Boynton Beach

Titusville High School – Titusville

Traviss Career Center – Lakeland

Vero Beach H. S. – Vero Beach

Wesley Chapel H. S. –  Wesley Chapel


Interested in becoming an AYES school?

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